MINUTES OF April 11, 2023

Worthington Library, 820 High St. Worthington Ohio
Attendees: 17
The meeting was called to order by Bill Fullarton. He invited attendees to observe a moment in
silence in honor of those slain in recent mass shootings in Nashville and Louisville.

Announcements: Gyamfi Gyamerah apprised us of a recent meeting of the Greene Co. Board of
Commissioners. He objected to a proposal to begin meetings with a prayer, citing Benjamin
Franklin’s statements on the need for separation of church and state. Unfortunately, the measure

Update on Comfest: (Ed Sweeney) The application for a table has been submitted. Ed expects
approval by April 20 th . Sign up Genius will be used to allow volunteers to select shifts online. He
will order T shirts from the national site. The following budget was proposed:
    Total budgeted $1000
    Booth fee $155
    Table Throw $270
    T Shirts $316
    Registration $39
    Checks $60
    Total to date $840 Balance remaining: $160
    Glenn made a motion to accept the budget. Motion carried.

Status of our letter to Columbus Police Chief Bryant (recommending recruiting a diverse
group of chaplains). No response has been received. A Dispatch reporter noted that despite plans
to increase the number of chaplains the total has fallen to 8.

Program: Glenn Waring introduced Denis Smith, who served in the Ohio Dept. of Education
where he oversaw the State Charter School Office. The Ohio Constitution in 1851 included a
section which allows for funding an “efficient system of common schools throughout the State;
but, no religious or other sect, or sects, shall ever have exclusive right to, or any control of, any
part of the school funds of the State.” Yet, in 1997 the GA authorized funding for charter schools
in the belief the competition would improve education. ECOT was a corrupt financial disaster.
The push to expand this move with more charter schools and vouchers for other private
endeavors continues. Unlike the public schools, there are over 140 exemptions allowed for
charter schools, including lack of qualifications for teachers and administrators, and allowing
Boards of Directors to not be elected by local voters. Some are not even American citizens.

Bill Fullarton invited attendees to sign the petition to amend the Ohio constitution to enshrine a
woman’s right to make her own reproductive choices.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM. The next meeting will be May 9 th at the Whetstone Library.

Submitted by Alice Faryna