Whiteboard 2023.02.14 - some action highlights:
1. Network to other group
2. Survey: What do you want? What's OK and not OK? Etc. [do you like mixing
government with religion?]
1. reached out to Congregational, Presbyterian, and YMCA. Congregational
wants to stay in touch (Ahrens) – likes a wall you can step over (ref Roger
2. Volunteer needed for survey creation
3. Spread the violations link: https://ffrf.org/legal/report and coffrf.org
4. NOTE: infrequent ticketing for speeding doesn't work either
5. Offer to speak about the dangers
1. Asked Ed Sweeney about a Current Events talk
2. Dangers to the church atmosphere! Ref Roger Williams
6. Share “Meet the Press” link https://youtu.be/72cjy8vW0bw
1. Posted on small (86 member) FB Separation of Church and State, followed 3 sites
7. Facilitate action groups
8. Education on taxes, dangers
9. Participate in festivals ($$ from HQ)
Be inspired to do some of these things NOW.