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Unlicensed chaplains to work in Public Schools (HB 240)
"Politics and Religion don't Mix!"
"On education vouchers and faith-based leadership"
FFRF in Ohio FFRF stops Christian class at Ohio School

Tuesday, January 9 at 7pm
(no December meeting)

in the meeting room of
  The Upper Arlington Library
2800 Tremont Road
Upper Arlington OH. 43221

School Vouchers: the slides from that meeting
by Denis Smith
"Act Now to preserve the separation of church and state"
Our Purpose
America Doesn't Need More God.  It Needs More Atheists.
Opinion by Kate Cohen in The Washington Post
New York Times article: What happens when the boss invites you to Bible study?

FFRF AD in The New York Times

Religion in the Workplace- Is it legal?
(link to ffrf.org)

"He changed his mind about abortion"
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Bill Russell
David Krohn
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